Our President


MrYong S213X314

Mr. Yong Haihui has full path of academic background and working experience in agriculture area in total with 30 years professional experience. Mr. Yong also has involved in Mergers & Acquisitions and consulting industries specialize and focus on Agriculture area.In the past 20 years, Mr. Yong has done close 20 successful Enterprise Mergers & Acquisitions cases in agriculture, food process, construction, real estate and relevant industries. It was equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the Agriculture industries.

Mr. Yong used to be the President of Shijiazhuang Shida dairy Inc. and Beijing Simpson Investment and advocacy LTD.; also as vice president of Shijiazhuang city dairy industry federation. Currently Mr. Yong as an acting president of Wynn agriculture investment management Ltd and president of Canadian Sino Confederation of Agriculture, board member of Beijing Wynn Investment and consulting Ltd., board member of Hebei Canada-China Agri - Investment Corporation. Combining his experience from Shida and Simpson, Wynn, Mr. Yong has created a strong working relationship with many Chinese and Canadian firms. With his support networks and industry knowledge, he has successfully been involved in a broad range of assignments that enable firms to leverage industry and market information to develop effective business strategies.