Our mission

Wynn Agriculture Investment Management Ltd.; was founded in 2012 to capitalize on this opportunity by providing clients with international-standard Consulting services, on behalf our groups to pursuit this opportunity in relevant Agribusiness Industries. At Canadian Agribusiness Consulting our mission is to promote and develop agribusiness across Canada and China. We provide specialist research and consulting services for our clients who want to increase their presence in Canada. Wynn is ideally positioned in the earliest stages of agricultural or a growth industry, serving a high demand in a rapidly growing and evolving economy.

Our Values

To be honest and transparent at all times whilst respecting commercial confidentiality. To be customer orientated. To appreciate and respect cultural differences and look for the best solution in a mix of various contexts. To conduct all business dealings professionally and to strive To improve personally and professionally at every opportunity.

Our Approach

We specialize in identifying common interests, goals and needs of agribusiness players through our research, representation and advocacy, public relations and advertising experience and translate this into commercial opportunities for our Clients. We have developed sustainable answers to questions of management, distribution, finance and technology for our clients. Our clients have successfully cooperated with Canadian/Chinese producers to provide them with management style in cow-calf model and agribusiness information technology, forage, Animal feed and feed additives, beef and many other areas. Within Wynn we have a professional team of trained and experienced agricultural coordinator, researchers and analysts with our head office in Winnipeg, Canada and our new office in Shijiazhuang and Beijing, China. We are proud to be part of global emergence as a responsible member which was principally engaged in Canada-China bilateral business, trade and investment facilitator, catalyst and advocate.